Jiangmen Dasheng Metal Products Factory (stainless steel pipe factory)

A private enterprise integrating production and sales has developed from 7 people to 50 employees after 10 years of mutual efforts. Great changes have taken place in the plant and equipment compared with the original, and the production equipment has developed from 2 to 14. The production capacity has increased from 10 tons per month to about 200 tons at present. Although these achievements are insignificant compared with many large enterprises, combined with its own situation, with its own funds, the continuous efforts of its leaders in management and operation and the full cooperation of its employees, the production and sales of the enterprise have been continuously improved in recent years. At the same time of development, we pay close attention to quality and technology. During the 10-year operation, we can maintain good cooperative relations with many customers, and the product quality is unanimously recognized by our peers. These are inseparable from the manufacturer's usual strict requirements and management. Over the years, our factory has been carefully operated and managed, and the company's business has been expanding. Our products have won unanimous praise among our peers in terms of quality and after-sales service, so we can have a foothold in this complex and changeable market.

As our company is engaged in the industry with high output value, high mechanization intensity and added value, the daily operation funds are relatively large. Moreover, this year, the market environment is relatively large, the product market competition is relatively fierce, the raw materials are rising, and the labor and production costs are rising, which makes the operation of the enterprise difficult.

Therefore, facing the internal and external factors of the current market environment, the manufacturer has made great efforts on how to better develop and survive. Many changes have been made in production and operation to reduce the cost of materials through various channels. After negotiation, the production materials reach an agreement in terms of loan period, settlement and transportation, so as to reduce the cost. In terms of production, check and guarantee the quality and requirements of production and export with the employees, and strive to make a big effect with low cost, so as to make the customers have great satisfaction and recognition. Therefore, based on the original customers, although after last year's financial storm and tsunami, this year's customers and orders are increasing, and product sales are also increasing.

In the new year, I hope our business can prosper and make better achievements!